New machine of ROMAX plant

21 July 2016

Single-purpose aspirator GAMMA

The beginning of harvesting.

Entrepreneurs are already starting to think about qualitative grain cleaning in order to bring it to necessary state. It is of fundamental importance to know well grain-cleaning equipment which the market offers today.

ROMAX plant presents NEW PRODUCT!

                                              Single-purpose aspirator GAMMA

Аспиратор каталог + рычаг.png

Single-purpose aspirator GAMMA is applied for grain cleaning from impurities, having different aerodynamic qualities. It is used at barn-floors, elevators, mills and feed mills.

GAMMA – is effective cleaning at high performance capacity of up to 100 tph..

  • High power
  • Ease of control and maintenance
  • Energy saving

This new product will allow to improve performance efficiency of agricultural sector and will provide high quality of future bread.

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