Once again “ROMAX” plant has become the award-winner of review contest “Voronezh quality”!

7 June 2017

Once again “ROMAX” plant has become the award-winner of review contest “Voronezh quality” introducing grain-cleaning equipment line. Single-purpose aspirator GAMMA has received individual reward…

Dear friends!

On June 6, 2017 the award ceremony of the winners of review contest “Voronezh quality” 2017 took place. Once again the equipment of our plant was honoured with special reward — high estimate of design features, providing not only low power consumption, which is one of significant criteria of our grain-cleaning machines selection by agricultural commodities manufacturers, but also equipment performance, superior to similar grain-cleaning machinery of other manufacturers.


This high estimate by the contest experts were honored:

  • machine for grain cleaning and sorting ALFA;
  • mobile grain-cleaning machine ALFA MGC;
  • machine for grain cleaning and sorting BETA;
  • single-purpose aspirator GAMMA.


It is worth mentioning that single-purpose aspirator GAMMA was honored with additional award as New Product-2017!


Faithfully yours, “ROMAX” plant!

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