Equipment from stock!

15 June 2017

«ROMAX» plant sells grain-cleaning and grain drying equipment from the warehouse. Limited offer!

In most regions rainy weather has set and it will last for more than one week. For this reason many agricultural commodities manufacturers incur losses, damp grain must undergo quick and qualitative treatment as soon as possible.

In the period of workload of grain processing enterprises delivery terms of necessary technological equipment are important, therefore we saw about manufacturing sufficient quantity of grain drying equipment and grain-cleaning machines in order to completely meet your demands for required equipment.

As of the current date «ROMAX» plant have available from the warehouse in sufficient quantity:

- grain-cleaning machines ALFA 50 и ALFA 100;

- multipurpose screen grain-cleaning machine BETA 60 и BETA 120;

- self-propelled (mobile) grain-cleaning machines ALFA MGC 100 и ALFA MGC 150;

- grain drying equipment: dryers with capacity of 10, 25, 50 and 100 tph.


R 2.png  Бета.jpg   Передвижка.png

You can receive more detailed information on technical specifications clicking the links:

Grain-cleaning machine ALFA 50

Grain-cleaning machine ALFA 100

Multipurpose screen grain-cleaning machines BETA 60 and BETA 120

Mobile grain-cleaning machines ALFA MGC

Grain drying equipment


Send request for the equipment you are interested in to the plant's e-mail or contact us by telephone +7 (47372) 27-997, 27-998.

Faithfully yours, «ROMAX» plant.


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