Belt conveyors

We produce conveying equipment of type B for horizontal transportation of bulk materials.
Such units are applied in agricultural sector.

45 - 640 t/h
Conveyors are made of galvanized steel sheet
275 g/sq.m.
Belt width
400 - 1200 mm
Maximum conveyor slope

Belt conveyor

Belt conveyor

Belt conveyor is one of the most common types of equipment which is designed for transportation of single-piece and bulk materials. This conveyor is durable and easy to use. Abrupt movements of the conveyor, that can lead to damages of the transported goods, are excluded during its operation.

Our company manufactures and offers belt conveyors, type B, for horizontal conveying of bulk products.

ленточник описание

Conveyor component parts:

1. Outlet hopper
2.  Inlet
3.  Gear motor
4.  Drive drum
5.  Drive section
6.  Extension (intermediate) section
7. Frame with rollers (support rollers
and return roller)
8. Belt

9.  Tension section
10.  Tension device
11.  Drum
12.  Belt misalignment switch (in the
drive section)
13.  Inlet flange
14.  Speed sensor in casing
15. Cover (optional)

Drive section

ленточник голова

  • It is made of galvanized steel. 

  • It consists of a gear motor and a drive drum. 

  • It is used to transfer driving force to the conveyor belt.

  • Screw and axle gear motors manufactured by Bonfiglioli, Nord and Guomao are used.

Extension (intermediate) section

ленточник удлинннение

  • It is made of galvanized steel. Consists of upper bearing roller supports and flat lower return roller supports, a conveyor belt.
  • The upper trough bearing roller supports are one-, two- or three-roller triangular supports with angles of 30° and 20°.

Tension (tail) section

ленточник натяжка

  • It is made of galvanized steel.

  • Consists of a tension drum and a speed sensor.

  • The section has a screw tension mechanism, which is necessary to make the conveyor belt tensed enough to transmit the tractive frictional force.

About company

Our company offers solutions that have proven their reliability and high efficiency for many years. Our primary task is to study market needs in details. We produce the most modern and demanded agricultural equipment of the highest quality on the basis of systematic research of the segments of agricultural activity.

The ROMAX plant manufactures and sells grain processing and storage equipment and complexes and also provides potential buyers of the manufactured products with engineering. At the request of the client, our employees provide technical consulting services. Indeed, with a competent approach to the work of the company, it is important not only to get on-time service, but also to deal with the development and preparation of the process in order to ensure the most efficient production.

The agricultural machinery, produced by ROMAX, is in great demand among small farms and large agricultural enterprises. Our brand is well known on the territory of the Russian Federation and abroad. In terms of the quality and reliability of the equipment, we successfully compete with well-known companies-manufacturers.

On the website you can find a catalogue of belt conveyors at a price lower than that of competitors. The capacity of the units we offer varies from 45 to 2500 m³/h. The developments of design-engineering department and production at high-technology equipment guarantee high quality, reliability and long service life of equipment of any complexity.

The principles of our work

The variety of products produced during the processing of cereals is the most important parameter you need to point out when purchasing agricultural equipment. The level of technical fit-out of the enterprise in this regard plays the main role. The engineers of the ROMAX plant are aware of this. Therefore, the leading goal of the organization is to increase the nutritional quality of grain through the introduction of advanced technologies that can significantly reduce losses during processing and storage of seeds.

We invest in our production, extent production facilities, use innovative solutions, regularly update the range of manufactured equipment, and also constantly strive to expand the range of services provided. We do everything to make your cooperation with the ROMAX plant profitable. High quality of the manufactured goods and long-term mutually beneficial relationships are the motto of our company. This is confirmed by numerous positive reviews from our satisfied customers.

Our benefits

Concluding a contract with the ROMAX company, you can be sure in:

  • Our exceptional reliability and openness as a manufacturer.
  • Timeliness and speed of maintenance.
  • Providing training programs on agricultural machinery operation.
  • Availability of appropriate certificates and licenses for the products purchased from us.

It will not be difficult to get acquainted with the price list for belt conveyors and buy equipment manufactured by the ROMAX plant on the official website of the company. Competent specialists will be glad to consult you online or by the indicated phone number.

The ROMAX company manufactures belt conveyors type B for horizontal transportation of bulk materials. The conveyors are used in agriculture.


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