Agrarian screen grain-cleaning machine VEGA, 50 t/h

VEGA is a new generation screen grain-cleaning machine in ROMAX equipment line.

ROMAX has designed this machine specifically for small farm enterprises with small volume of processed materials, but with high quality of cleaning.

  • Simple and reliable design will provide an uninterrupted unit operation during the harvest time and seeds preparation.
  • The machine is made of galvanized steel.
  • The sieve box design allows fast and simple replacement of the screens, because each screen is without frames and it is only one screen within the whole length and width of the machine.
  • The screens are cleaned by means of special rubber balls.
  • Built-in fan selects light impurities from the entering product.


1. The product is distributed evenly over the entire screen width.
2. An ability of installing screens individually, execution for certain tasks.
3. The possibility of installing the GAMMA aspiration unit at the outlet.
4. The possibility of installing the machine in old grain complexes such as ZAV (grain cleanings units), KZS (grain drying complexes)
, without
additional refinement.
5. Maintainability (any elements of the machine are purchased at the factory, installed at no extra cost).
6. Cradle, sieve frames are made of metal (not afraid of wet product and
7. Lack of product drifts and parasitic gatherings.
8. The ability to output bins to any of the sides.
9. Operating factor of screens is 95%.

The raw materials is fed to the inlet bin where it is accumulated and uniformly distributed over the entire width of the intake device.

Then, by means of the flow control valve, the material passes through the aspiration suction channel, where the husks and light impurities are removed.

The material that has been pre-cleaned by means of the air flow initially enters the upper screen A, where it is cleaned from coarse impurities that are discharged from the machine through the bin 1.

Then the cleaned from coarse impurities material enters the lower screen B, where fine impurities are separated and discharged through the bin 2.

Cleaned grain is discharged from the machine through the outlet bin 3 for the following processing.


Capacity (t/h) 50
Area of the upper screen (m2) 2
Area of the lower screen (m2) 2
Electric motor capacity (kW) 0,75
Aspiration (kW) 2,2
Overall dimensions:
Width/length/height (with storage bin) 1600/2350/1580(2390)
Weight (kg) 1200

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