Grain-cleaning machine ALFA for preliminary cleaning, 50-400 t/h

The line of grain-cleaning machines ALFA is self-designed by the ROMAX plant. It allows to clean up to 9200 tons of grain per a day!

The machine for grain cleaning ALFA is used for preliminary cleaning of grain heaps (cereals, legumes, oilseeds) coming from the field from impurities and is intended for operation at stationary production lines in all country areas.

The performance capacity of the grain cleaning separator ALFA is from 50 to 400 tons per hour.


ADVANTAGES of grain cleaning machine ALFA

  1. Uniform distribution of the product over the entire width of the screen conveyor is ensured by a beater. In unfinished analogs, a screw feeder is used, which provides an uneven grain inlet. Accordingly, one side of the machine is loaded with grain more, which leads to distortions, reduced capacity and premature wearing of the unit.
  2. Screen conveyor made of high quality steel with a cleaning brush provides effective cleaning of grain from coarse impurities, prevents sticking of the product.
  3. An additional product divider is integrated, dividing the product movement streams, which ensures a uniform supply to the aspiration suction channel. Prevents overloading of units, increases the quality of cleaning.
  4. The advanced cross-flow fan with increased efficiency ensures uniform air discharge over the entire width of the aspiration channel. Provides the highest quality cleaning of grain from light impurities.
  5. The drive of the main working units of the equipment is carried out by a reliable gear motor and an electric motor, which ensure the reliability and long-term operation of the machine. The advantages of the drives are their compactness, lower total energy consumption, and the absence of belt drives that require constant adjustments due to slipping of the belts.
  6. The body of the grain cleaning machine is made of high quality galvanized steel, which provides maximum corrosion resistance, respectively, a longer service life of the grain cleaning machine in any climatic zones. Bolted connection, unlike welded one, allows to get rid of distortions of the machine body during transportation, installation and operation.
  7. Simplicity of maintenance - easy cleaning of hard-to-reach places through additional service doors and free access to service units..
  8. Versatility - the ability to fine-tune "winds" for different products with different contamination and humidity level.
  9. Additionally, it is possible to install a gear motor with a frequency converter on the beater, for finer adjustment of the product supply to the screen conveyor and higher quality of its cleaning.

The main machine working members are a cleaning module 2 and air-cleaning section 3 .The working members are driven by a gear motor and electric motor. The grain heap is supplied to the storage bin 1 , where the material is accumulated and uniformly distributed along the machine and fed by means of 4: ALFA 50, ALFA 100 - flow control valves; ALFA 150, ALFA 200, ALFA 300, ALFA 400 - beaters .The screen conveyor consists of the screen 7 , driving shaft 5 and driven shaft 6. The tension of the screen 7 is performed by moving of the driving shaft by means of tension bolts and determined by the chain slack.
Grain, light and fine impurities pass through it and coarse impurities (straw, ears, etc.) are discharged from the machine by the screen feeder 8 through the outlet  bin 9 .
The material, passed through the screen conveyor 8 , is divided in two flows and enters the aspiration suction channel 10. Then the product passes through the blockage sensor 17 . The closed air flow in the machine is produced by built-in cross-flow fan 11. The air flow rate is controlled by the flap valve 12, located in the pressure channel 13. Light impurities are discharged from the machine by means of the valve 14 with controlled load weights 16, the cleaned grain is discharged by the gravity flow 15 . For maintenance and cleaning of air-cleaning section 3 , there is a special maintenance door 18 in the machine.


ALFA-100 / ALFA-150 

ALFA-200 / ALFA-300 / ALFA-400

MODEL ALFA 50 ALFA 100 ALFA 150 ALFA 200 ALFA 300 ALFA 400
PERFORMANCE CAPACITY (t/h) 50 100 150 200 300 400
WEIGHT, kg 500 980 1180 1250 1400  1540
POWER, kw 3,55 4,55 4,75 6,6 9 9,5
WIDTH, mm 1575 1795 1795 1795 1985 1985
LENGTH, mm 2250 2900 2900 3050 3050 3050
HEIGHT, mm 2050 2370 2600 2600 2600 2600
HEIGHT WITH A STORAGE BIN, mm 2000 2900 3310 3310 3310 3330



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