Mobile grain-cleaning complex ALFA MGC, 80-150 t/h

ALFA MGC (Mobile Grain Complex) is a mobile grain cleaning complex with a performance capacity fom 80 to 150 tons per hour.

The grain complex performs the following functions: it feeds up thrashed heaps of cereal and leguminous crops, corn, sorgo and sunflower seeds received from the field to the intake hopper, then cleans and discharges the grain cleaned from impurities to auto transport facilities or forms a new heap.

The machine successfully works with product with high humidity level and high content of impurities!

ALFA MGC is a specially designed grain-cleaning machine equipped with the unique grain intake and discharge systems and installed on the wheeled chassis. Owing to this mobility system, the machine is easy to move along the territory to any required place of its operation.


1. It solves the problems of grain processing: large industrial and cereal crops.
2. Promptly processes the product coming in one heap from the field during the harvesting.
3. An ability to fine-tune the flow of air for various products with a different humidity level and different content of impurities.
4. Can serve up to 10 combines at the same time.
5. The complex can be operated inside of the warehouse premises.
6. Low power consumption.
7. High performance capacity of the machine and simultaneous purge processing of the product.
8. Removes the surface moisture in summer if the product is processed immediately after the grinding.
9. The ability to process the product of high humidity level, up to 45 %.
11. Maintainability (any elements of the machine are purchased at the factory, installed at no extra cost).



The main machine working members are: an intake section, cleaning module, air-cleaning section and discharge section.
The working members are driven by gear motors and electric motors.
A grain heap, by means of the intaking conveyor 1 is fed to the machine 2 , then it is uniformly distributed and fed by means of the flow control valve 3 on the screen conveyor 4 .
Grain, light and fine impurities pass through it and coarse impurities (straw, etc.) are discharged outside the machine.
The material, passed through the screen conveyor, is divided in two flows and enters the aspiration suction channel 5 . Passing through the aspiration channel, fine and light impurities are discharged outside the machine by a sweep auger 6 .
Cleaned by the sweep auger 7 and drag conveyor 8  grain is fed onto trimmer 9 , which loads it onto the auto transport facilities through the pipe 10 or forms a new heap.

Description Unit Designation
Model - ALFA MGC 100 ALFA MGC 150
Capacity t/h 80 150
Machine weight kg 2300 2500
Installed machine power kW 16.05 24.75
Overall dimensions
Lengths mm 8 800 8 900
Width mm 2 110 2 110
Height mm 3 500 3 525
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