Spare parts of grain cleaning machines

Enterprises, which work in the area of grain storage, use postharvest agricultural machinery for cleaning and sorting of grain crops. The main function of such equipment is to organize the process of separating grain and seed material from impurities. The ROMAX company offers its website visitors to get acquainted with the range of spare parts for grain cleaning machines.

Wide range of the goods

Industrial and agricultural special-purpose equipment for grain cleaning belongs to the class of rather complex units. There are a lot of mechanisms, assembly components and elements in equipment configuration, each of which is responsible for solving a specific list of tasks.

The manufacture of such equipment is carried out taking into account all the conditions of future work. Agricultural machinery, as a rule, operates in difficult operating conditions, especially during the harvest period. The ROMAX plant, when producing machinery, tries to assign the best characteristics in terms of durability and reliability to the goods. Such units require regular maintenance and rarely repair, which is simply impossible to be carried out without component parts.

Spare parts for technical equipment, posted on the site of the ROMAX plant, are presented in the maximum variety of shapes, sizes and technological components. In our catalogue you can find the following:

  • bearing units;
  • screen conveyors;
  • combinations of electric and gear motors;
  • pushing devices;
  • shafts and sieves;
  • rubber balls for sieve cleaning;
  • belts, buckets, chains for conveyors, etc.

You may buy spare parts for your grain cleaning machine in Voronezh

The products, manufactured by our plant, are sold not only in the Voronezh region, but throughout Russia and abroad, being distributed by means of convenient delivery system and official dealers.

Today, in order to purchase a highly-efficient grain gleaner, an entrepreneur or production manager just needs to use the Internet. Component parts for such machinery are sold on the website of the ROMAX company. Among other advantages, provided by ROMAX to each customer:

  • the design engineering department, consisting of 25 specialists capable of competing with the best masters of the countries of the European Union, is engaged in the development and modernization of the machinery;
  • production of a complex of equipment component parts is arranged at a high-technology plant, where experienced and trained personnel work;
  • production facilities allow to manufacture up to 1000 units of grain cleaning equipment, as well as its component parts;
  • the price of almost all positions offered in the catalogue is in the lower limits of the average market indicators for Russia and Europe;
  • thanks to huge storage areas, spare parts are stored in the most acceptable conditions in a convenient form for the shipment.

The ROMAX brand, based in Voronezh, also supplies grain dryers, pre-cleaners, grain storage silos, as well as chain, belt conveyors and bucket elevators.

The cost of agricultural machinery presented on our website, as a rule, is 15-30% lower than the average values for the market of the Russian Federation, CIS states and the countries of the European Union. A reasonable price in no way affects the final quality of the manufactured goods: all equipment is manufactured within the framework of a technologically advanced plant, experienced personnel and modern robotized equipment.


Подшипниковые узлы Bearing units
Сетчатый транспортер Screen conveyor
Мотор-редукторы Gear motors
Толкатели Pushing devices
 Валы  Shafts
 Решета для решетных зерноочистительных машин  Sieves
 Шарики каучуковые зачистные Rubber balls for sieve cleaning
 Лента для зерномета Belt for grain thrower
 Питатель скребки цепь для Альфа МЗК Grain supply unit/scrapers/ chain for ALFA MGC

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