Grain drying equipment

The ROMAX plant, one of the greatest grain dryer manufacturers, offers you to purchase a grain dryer at a low cost.

What does the company manufacture?

We supply small farms and large agro-industrial complexes in Russia and abroad with a full range of grain processing, grain storage and handling equipment. In the catalogue presented on our website, you will find a wide range of equipment, manufactured by means of innovative technologies with high accuracy rates that can significantly increase crop yield.

We offer advanced developments of the engineering department of our plant, which are not inferior to Western analogous equipment, and in some characteristics even excel them:

  1. Grain dryer machines of conveyor-type operation, which allow to bring to the needed condition any types of crops, including seeds that require delicate drying.
  2. Grain drying units can be optionally equipped with dust cleaning cyclones.

Benefits of grain dryers manufactured by the ROMAX plant in Voronezh:

  1. Grain flows do not come in contact with the environment.
  2. Uniform effect of the drying agent on the product without «dead» zones.
  3. A wide range of drying modes.
  4. Relative energy efficiency in production.
  5. Ability of grain dryer machine to operate with a wide range of raw materials with different moisture content.

Benefits of the ROMAX plant

We constantly monitor the interests of agricultural manufacturers and promptly take into account all their wishes. Our drying units are adjusted to difficult operating conditions. The design of the grain drying systems allows to carry out the maintenance without the use of special equipment. The balance of the price-quality indicator is the most optimal. That is why the ROMAX plant is considered to be one of the best manufacturers of wheat, corn, maize drying machines in Russia.


The period of operation is guaranteed for 12 months, during which the repair or replacement of the out-of-order units is free of charge.

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