Grain-dryers with dust-cleaning, “Cyclodry” type, from 20 to 250 t/h

Continuous grain dryers RMX with a capacity of 20 to 200 t / h, are an advanced development of the ROMAX plant engineering bureau. The design of the RMX dryer combines the advantages of the most efficient technologies and studies over many centuries in its segment.

In addition to the basic configuration, the RMX dryer can be equipped with dust cleaning cyclones of the Cyclodray type. This option is a complex system that cleans the moist air removed from the dryer from grain dust and light impurities. This allows to operate the grain dryer even in areas with strict environmental requirements.

This type of device requires low power consumption and works with small air volume.


1. High quality of drying of grain, grain legumes and oil-producing crops.
2. The drying chamber, through along which the product is moved, has no analogues in the world!
3. Drying is carried out in continuous flow of grain movement.
4. No dead zones, grain clogging.
5. The product is constantly in the air flow.
6. The product volume in the dryer is 2 times less in comparison with a mixed flow grain dryer.
7. Delicate drying mode allows to dry brewing barley and seeds.
8. The new design made it possible to use energy efficiently.
9. A new unit hot air flow mixing unit has been developed, which increases the efficiency factor of the dryer.
10. The drying chamber has no common elements with the outer casing of the unit, which maintains a homogeneous microclimate and does not allow heat loss.
11. Grain and the warm air flow do not come in contact with the environment.
12. Simple control system for operator`s convenience.

 The dusty air flow enters the cyclone through the fan, receiving a rotational motion. With the help of an internal divider and under the action of centrifugal forces, air with dust is pressed against the walls of the housing. Dust particles are carried away by inertia into a waste collector and removed through a local cyclone. Clean air changes direction and is discharged from the cyclone through the outlet bin.









 This unit provides a high degree of cleaning (up to 97%) and due to its design has low resistance.



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