Aspiration unit GAMMA

The aspiration unit GAMMA is used for separation of grain from its husking products, impurities that differ in aerodynamic properties.
GAMMA effectively complements all existing screen cleaning machines manufactured by domestic and foreign companies.
The aspiration unit makes it possible to perform clear separation of grain from impurities.
The possibility to control rate of air, which passes through the grain mass, allows to separate of not only light impurities, but also feeble, thin grain, including seeds of the weed plants.


The operating principle of aspiration unit GAMMA is the following: the grain is initially fed through the inlet bin 1 onto the chute plane 2, from which it enters the the pneumatic separation channel 3, where it is blown by an ascending flow of air, pumped by the built-in radial fan 5. Aerodynamically light impurities are caught by the air and move through the pneumatic separation channel 3 to the settling chamber 4.

The cleaned product is discharged from the machine through the bin and light impurities are precipitated in the settling chamber 4 and discharged by the sweep auger 7. The air, cleaned from impurities, is sucked again by the cross-flow fan 5 and enters the pneumatic separation channel 3 through the recirculation duct 6.

The air flow is regulated by the built-in valve 9 and drive gear 1 outside the machine. Thus the air flow moves in a closed circuit.

There are inspection windows 8 in the machine for visual control of the process of separating grain from impurities.

Model Capacity
t/h / tph
Air consumption,

Power consumption,

Fan rotor speed
L / W / H
GAMMA 100 up to 100 3000-6000 3,55 700-900 2476 / 930 / 1846
GAMMA 200 up to 200 3000-7500 4,55 700-900 2476 / 1120/ 2134

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