Electrically operated gate ZEV

Electrically operated gate ZEV is used to discharge bulk material from hoppers and silos. The gate operates indoors or outdoors under a canopy with lower limit value of operating air temperature of up to -20°С.

Movement mechanism consists of electric motor, which transmits torque to the screw, thereby putting the sliding damper into forward movement.
The gate must be connected to three-phase AC circuit with frequency of 50 Hz, voltage 380 V with solidly-earthed neutral through residual current circuit breaker.

The gate is supplied assembled, complete with sensors, frame and sliding damper. Drive mechanism depends on the drive type, therefore is it supplied separately.

Operating and shelf life:
Operating life is 10 years.
The shelf life and preservation duration of the gate by the plant-manufacturer with appropriate storage is 18 months. If long-term storage is required, re-preservation should be carried out every year.
The shelf life of electrical equipment is 2 years in the absence of acid and other vapors in the environment, that adversely affect electrical devices and packaging.

Warranty obligations:
The warranty period is 12 months from the date of gate commissioning, but not more than 18 months from the date of shipment by the supplier to the consumer.

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