ROMAX’s grain-cleaning machinery is the best in Russia!

27 October 2019

ROMAX Company once again has become a diploma winner of the All-Russian competition "The Top 100 Russian products".

ROMAX’s grain-cleaning machinery is designed to be used for all types of
cleaning of cereal and leguminous crops, corn, rape and sunflower seeds
received from the field from impurities and is suited for application
throughout the territory of the Russian Federation and abroad!
The products and services participating in the competition are evaluated based on
criteria of the European model of quality assessment.
Aspiration unit GAMMA has become the AWARD WINNER of the competition.
Equipment for grain cleaning and sorting ALFA has become a DIPLOMA WINNER
Mobile grain-cleaning machine ALFA MGC has become a DIPLOMA WINNER
Equipment for grain cleaning and sorting BETA has become a DIPLOMA WINNER

The award ceremony was held on November 21, 2019 in the Voronezh region government.
The head of the Department of Industry of the Voronezh Region presented the winners with awards and medals.

The competition organizers are Federal Agency on Technical Regulating and Metrology,
the Voronezh region government, Federal State-Funded Institution «The state regional center for standardization, metrology and testing in the Voronezh region», Interregional Public Organization «The Academy of quality problems» and Regional news agency «Standards and quality».

The motto of the competition: «We will be patriots- and will provide the Motherland with the best products!»

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