ROMAX Company manufactures belt conveyors, type B, for horizontal conveying of bulk materials. It is used in agriculture, chemical industry and enterprises on mineral products processing.

Capacity is from 60 to 1500 m3/h. They are designed and manufactured in industrial version to provide reliability and long-term operation period.

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1.  Outlet hopper;
2.  End feed (charge);
3.  Gear motor;
4.  Drive drum;
5.  Drive section;
6.  Extension section;
7.  Frame with rollers  
     (support rollers and return roller);
8.  Belt;

9.  Tension section;
10.  Tension device;
11.  Tension drum;
12.  Belt run-out regulator 
       (in drive section);
13.  Feed flange;
14.  Rate sensor in casing;
15.  Cover  

Drive section

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It is made of galvanized steel. 
It consists of gear motor and drive drum. 
Serves to transfer driving force to conveyor belt.
Screw and axle gear motors of such companies as Bonfiglioli, Nord and Guomao are used.

Extension section

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It is made of galvanized steel.
Consists of roller supports, upper — bearing and flat lower — return and conveyor belt.

Upper through bearing roller supports represent three-rolled through supports 1, or two-rolled triangular supports 2 with angles 300 and 200.

Tension section

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It is made of galvanized steel/ 
Consists of tension drum and speed monitoring sensor.
Section has screw tensioner, which is necessary for tension of conveyor belt, sufficient for pulling friction force.

Technical description

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