The ROMAX designers and our foreign partners designed a model range of bucket elevators to be used in agro-industrial sector, as well as in other processing sectors (food industry, mining and processing enterprises, etc.). We offer bucket elevators with supporting metal structure (detached) and bucket elevators without supporting metal structure, which are used for installation into elevator’s towers.

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The performance of bucket elevators is from 5 to 2000 m3/h.

Our equipment is used in agriculture, chemical industry and mineral products processing.

The standard range of models comes complete with high-quality materials and units. We are the only company on the territory of the Russian Federation to use buckets and belts produced by French manufacturer STIF.

In bucket elevators ROMAX uses drive gears with parallel shafts and cylindrical and bevel drive gears manufactured by such companies as Bonfiglioli, Nord and Guomao with service factor from 2,5 to 5, which brings our elevators into line with hard and industrial version.

The main design idea is to provide users with reliable equipment and ensure quality technical values (performance, power consumption, etc.).


1. Bucket elevator tipping device;
2. Gear motor;
3.  Discharge section;
4.  Bucket elevator well;
5.  Bucket elevator lower boot;
6.  Feed bin;

7.  Tension post;
8.  Elevator buckets;
9.  Elevator belt;
10.  Cleaning hole;
11.  Maintenance hole;
12.  Explosion vent.


Bucket elevator upper end

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It is made of galvanized steel. The upper end cover is lined with a 10 mm thick polymer plate to provide long-term operation period and product damage reduction

The controlled plate 1 between bucket and discharge section makes it possible to prevent product spills to the well.

The explosion valve is mounted on the bucket tipping device 2 . 

For bucket elevators with the capacity higher (than 350 t/h) we provide the pulley with rubber covering 3 (option)..


Bucket elevator well

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It is made of galvanized steel. It is supplied in disassembled form to provide more space during shipment of equipment to the installation site.

The units can be assembled fast and without special tools owing to high manufacturing level of parts. It ensures absence of error in the design process of connecting holes and mounting seats.

During assembling, explosion valves 2 and special sight glasses 1 are installed in wells, which are supplied with the unit.

Bucket elevator lower boot

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It is made of galvanized steel. It comes complete with a hollow drum 1 with a belt tension mechanism 2 and feed bin 3, lined with a 10 mm thick polymer plate, on both sides of the boot lower part there are gate valves 4 for convenient cleaning of the unit.

It can be optionally supplied with a rubber protector 5 (for high-performance bucket elevators), additional feed bin 6 and sight glasses 7 (optional).

Technical description

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