Chain conveyor for grain

The ROMAX company manufactures conveyors for horizontal transportation of bulk materials in agriculture.
The main products for conveying are grain crops (food grain and seeds), oilseeds and leguminous crops.
Also, these conveyors are suitable for conveying of any product in the form of granules.

25 - 400 t/h

Romax chain conveyor-conveyor

The equipment is provided with an overflow switch and a speed sensor.

The maximum conveyor slope is 7°.

датчик контроля скорости цепного транспортера

Conveyor component parts:

1. Drive section
2.  Overflow switch
3.  Outlet hopper
4.  Gearbox
5.  Gear motor
6.  Cover plate
7-8.  Side and connecting plates
9.  Side connection
10.  Extension (intermediate) section
11.  Tension (tail) section
12.  Guide profile
13.  Tension bracket
14.  Stud-bolt for tension


15.  End plate
16.  Discharge hopper of the gate valve
17.  Additional discharge shutter
18.  Chain
19.  Bottom with polymer plate
20.  Cleaning brush
21.  Scraper  (fig.1)
22.  Cleaning bucket  (fig.2)
23.  Cleaning plate  (fig.3)
24.  Inspection window (optional)
25.  Return idler (fig.4)
26.  Return roller axis

Chain element types

scraper chain elements

Drive section

голова скребка

  • Gear motors, manufactured by Bonfiglioli and Nord, are installed on the conveying equipment. They provide reliable and long-term operation.
  • In its standard version the unit is made of galvanized steel. We have experience in manufacturing of the units of corrosion-resistant steel.
  • Included: overflow sensor of the drive section, outlet hopper, bearing assemblies SKF and KG.

Extension (intermediate) section

удлинение скребка

  • Fast and efficient assembling is performed with the use of bolted joints.
  • It is made of galvanized or corrosion-resistant (optional) steel with 2–3 mm thick sheets.
  • The bottom is lined with 10 mm thick polymer plates to provide long-term operation of the conveyor and reduce the noise.
  • Return idlers are made of special polymer or steel.Conveyors with a capacity of more than 150 t/h are equipped with support bearings mounted on the rollers axes.

Tension section

натяжка скребка

  • It is used for chain tension. It has a simple, reliable and safe design.
  • Drive sprocket bolts are thermally hardened and made of special sorts of steel.
  • The tension is performed by tightening of the stud-bolt.

Redler gate valve

задвижка скребка

  • Various versions of design — with manual drive and electrical drive.
  • It is completed with a discharge hopper.
  • In order to prevent chain slack over discharge, a support structure «dovetail» is used.

Conveyor with lateral inlet

бок засыпка скребка

  • It is used as an intake unit.
  • It is easy and fast to assemble.
  • Galvanized bolted construction.
  • It is completed with an intake hopper with splitter dampers.

About us

Our company manufactures grain processing equipment for grain storage complexes and complexes for raw material processing. Due to the high quality and technical characteristics of equipment, we manage to occupy a leading position not only in the territory of the Russian Federation, but also in the CIS countries. Especially ROMAX can be regarded as one of the leading material handling equipment supplier.

Our equipment is equally in great demand among small farms and large agricultural enterprises.

The ROMAX plant not only offers for sale grain processing, grain handling and storage equipment, but also offers our clients services of industrial facilities design, installation and commissioning works. We carry out warranty and post-warranty maintenance of the installed equipment. Moreover, if it is necessary, we can conduct a training program for employees who have to work with new unfamiliar equipment.

The way we work

The primary task of the group of companies “ROMAX” is a detailed study of the needs of the agricultural market in the field of mechanization of post-harvest grain processing. This exactly approach allows to achieve the highest quality of the manufactured goods.

For the manufacture of grain processing equipment, we use the most advanced technologies with high accuracy and capacity. That gives a distinct advantage in terms and efficiency of project implementation. The quality characteristics of our products make them competitive not only in the Russian market, but also in Europe, Asia and the Middle East.

Up to 1 000 units of grain cleaning equipment, 400 000 m³ of grain storage silos and 2 000 units of grain handling equipment units and metal structures are annually supplied to our clients.

The production facility covers an area of ​​20 000 m², and 8 000 m² are intended for warehouse premises. This size allows to store the required number of spare parts, component parts and ready-made equipment. That, in its turn, makes it possible to promptly ship the necessary goods and helps to speed up the production process.

Why is it beneficial to buy a chain conveyor from us?

Partnership with the ROMAX plant guarantees a number of advantages:

  • High quality of manufactured equipment.
  • Attractive price.
  • Availability of all necessary licenses and certificates for manufactured equipment.
  • Complete openness and reliability of the manufacturer.
  • On-time delivery of orders, installation of the equipment by the specified time.
  • Availability of service support.
  • Training the client`s employees in the operation of new equipment.

We will be happy to help you make a choice that will promote the development of your enterprise. You can buy chain conveyors at a favorable price by contacting our employees on the official website of the company

Bread, flour products and various cereals are common food products. But before getting to our dinner table being already cooked, cereals are subject to complex multistage processing. Special equipment is used to preserve the bulk of raw materials, their quality, and also to minimize costs. The ROMAX plant offers to buy a chain conveyor for grain at a favorable price in Voronezh.

Equipment features

Conveyors are mainly used for transportation of bulk products (for example, seeds, granules, animal feed, etc.) in a horizontal, vertical or inclined position. This technique is widely used in grain drying and grain cleaning complexes. The conveyors are the link between the main grain processing machines.

This unit has the form of a long chute along which grain and other products move by means of the special scrapers driven by a chain drive.

The material handling conveyor can be equipped with a safe ladder for maintenance staff (relevant when placed at a height). The scrapers are made with an addition of polyurethane, which guarantees durability and noiselessness during the operation process. Additionally, the outlet hoppers can be equipped with gates that distribute the product into different bins.

Such units make it possible to:

  • quickly move the bulk materials;
  • organize careful conveying (without product damage during this process);
  • avoid the loss of raw materials due to corrugated sidewalls and cross-section profiles.

Technical specification

scraper diagram

TYPE A B C D E H h I J K L M Capacity, t/h
К40 350 ∅50 ∅30 230 296 325 310 ∅200 330 250 230 700 25–50
К60 350 ∅50 ∅30 230 296 345 310 ∅200 330 250 230 700 до 60
К100 420 ∅70 ∅50 330 396 418 408 ∅250 330 250 319 1200 80–120
К150 500 ∅75 ∅60 390 470 545 520 ∅300 480 370 420 1200 150–175
К200 520 ∅90 ∅75 430 510 617 590 ∅300 480 300 475 1200 200–250
К300 625 ∅100 ∅75 560 640 665 650 ∅350 560 285 480 1200 300–350

Цепной транспортер 1
Цепной транспортер 2
Цепной транспортер 3
Цепной транспортер 4
Цепной транспортер 5
Цепной транспортер 6


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