ROMAX Company manufactures chain conveyors, type K for horizontal conveying of bulk materials.

It is used in agriculture, chemical industry and enterprises on mineral products processing.

We can offer the equipment with capacity from 5 to 1500 m3/h

состав скребк. трансп..jpg


1.  Drive section;
2.  Conveyor safety overflow;
3.  Outlet hopper;
4.  Motor bracket;
5.  Gear motor;
6.  Cover plate;
7.  Side wings;
8.  Connecting plate;
9.  Edge connection;
10.  Extension section;
11.  Tension section;
12.  Stringerь;
13.  Tension bracket;
14.  Tension post;

15.  End plate;
16.  Damper hopper 
17.  Additional discharge damper
18.  Chain;
19.  Bottom with polymer plate;
20.  Cleaning brush;
21.  Drag  (fig. 1);
22.  Cleaning bucket  (fig. 2);
23.  Cleaning plate  (fig. 3);
24.  Inspection window (optional);
25. Snub pulley  (fig. 4);
26.  Return roller axis.

 Various chain units

scraper chain elements.jpg

Drive section

голова скребка.jpg

The drive units, manufactured by Bonfiglioli and Nord, providing reliable and long-term equipment operation are installed to conveying equipment.
In its standard version the unit is made of galvanized steel. We have experience in units making of stainless steel.
Included: overflow sensor of drive section, outlet hopper, bearing assemblies SKF and KG.

Extension section

удлиннеие скребка.jpg

Fast and efficient assembling using bolted joints;
It is made of galvanized or stainless (optionally) steel with a 2-3 mm thick sheets
The bottom is lined with a 10 mm thick polymer plates to provide long-term operation period of the conveyor and noise reduction;
Chain strand support rollers are made of special polymer or steel. Conveyors with a capacity of over 150 t/h have support bearings, mounted in rollers axis.

Tension section

натяжка скребка.jpg

Is used for chain tension;
it is a simple, reliable and safe design;
Drive sprockets are thermally hardened, are made of special steelsй;
The tension is performed by post tightening.

Redler gate

задвижка скребка.jpg

Various versions - with manual drive and electrical drive;
Is completed with discharge nozzle;
To prevent chain slack over discharge opening support structure "dovetail" is used.

Conveyor with side feed

бок засыпка скребка.jpg

Is used as grain dump pit systems;
It is easy and fast to assemble;
Galvanized construction, assembled using bolted joints;
Is completed with a receiving hopper with splitter dampers. 

Technical description

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