Drag conveyor

Drag conveyors manufactured by the ROMAX plant are designed for horizontal and inclined (with an elevation angle — 15° and 30°) conveying of bulk materials.
Capacity of the conveyor varies from 25 to 2500 t/h. The conveyors are designed and manufactured in industrial version, which guarantees reliability in operation and durability.

from 5 to 350 t/h

Scraper Conveyor 1

A wide range of grain processing equipment existing on the modern market allows enterprises to choose the best equipment for work. Currently, the role of technical fit-out of production facilities with high-quality equipment has greatly increased. In fact, only proper mechanization of post-harvest processing and the production process itself can guarantee the demand for manufactured goods. The ROMAX plant offers its customers to buy the drag conveyor for grain and other belt-type grain handling equipment at the most attractive price in Voronezh, taking into account the key indicator of the balance of price and quality.

Scraper Conveyor 2

Conveyor component parts:

1. Drive section
2. Overflow switch
3. Outlet hopper
4. Gear motor bracket
5. Gear unit
6. Tension (tail) section
7. Guide profile
8. Tension bracket
9. Fixed bracket

10. Tension stud-bolt
11. Conveyor horizontal section
12. Conveyor slope section
13. Connecting plate
14. Conveyor slope section
(angle — 15° and 30°)
15. Additional discharge shutter (optional)
16. Chain with scrapers (fig. 1)
17. Guide profile

Polymer scrapers

Scrapers made of polymer material

The use of the scrapers can increase reliability and long-term operation period of drag conveyors.

The scraper design can significantly reduce grain damage.

Conveyors (type KZ)

Chain loading conveyors of the KZ type

Such conveyors are made of galvanized steel. They are used for grain seeds intake from auto transport facilities.

The conveyors are used for horizontal transportation of bulk materials in industry and agriculture, mainly for grain, leguminous and oilseed crops.

Technical specification

Technical description of the scraper conveyor

About company

Our organization manufactures grain processing and storage equipment and complexes for the processing of raw materials (grain crops). The projects we have developed are being successfully implemented both on the territory of the Russian Federation and abroad. Agricultural machinery is in high demand among small farms and large agricultural enterprises.

Choosing the special equipment necessary for the effective processing and storage of grain is complicated and very responsible task. Not every manager or owner of an enterprise has sufficient knowledge and experience to mechanize work processes in a proper manner. Qualified specialists of ROMAX plant provide the clients with active assistance in purchasing of equipment. After all, quality engineering allows our customers to get the maximum benefit from the use of grain processing machines, grain storage and grain handling systems.

The goods we produce can improve the quality characteristics of grain crops and increase their consumer properties. Modern models of agricultural machinery differ from those produced in the past in a way that is beneficial to the buyer. Now the main goal of manufacturers is not only the quantity of the processed material, but its quality. By means of our grain processing and storage complexes you can move to a new level. For our part, we guarantee the prompt service and price affordability.

Drag conveyor for grain

The conveyors are used at specialized enterprises to transport bulk materials (grain crops and products of their processing). With the help of these conveyors, horizontal or inclined transportation of the materials is carried out.

Conveyors of this type consist of a chain equipped with scrapers, a gear motor, metal guide profiles and sections with inspections windows. By means of bearing assemblies with lubricators, the unit can be inspected without its complete disassembling, which is very convenient during its operation.

Our company offers drag conveyors with a capacity from 25 to 2500 t/h. Component part of the units are manufactured only by high-quality high-technology equipment, which guarantees a long service life and reliability.

The way we work

First of all, we carefully study consumer needs. Based on the research carried out, we organize the production of high quality agricultural machinery, which will be in demand both by small farm enterprises and large agricultural complexes. We successfully sell products within the country and abroad.

Working in the field of grain processing is profitable business, but difficult to implement. To achieve the desired results, you need to take care of modern equipment for production facilities. This is the only way to achieve the established quality standards and minimize losses. Grain processing equipment and storage complexes, manufactured by the ROMAX plant, will definitely help you with this.

In addition, we provide of engineering and consulting services to potential customers, which allow them to deal with the preparation of the production process, ensuring efficient operation and implementation of the manufactured product.

Why is it profitable to contact ROMAX?

Partnership with the ROMAX plant guarantees a number of advantages:

  • Consulting on the use of grain processing equipment.
  • On-time delivery of orders, installation and prompt service of equipment.
  • Guarantee of reliability and high quality of the offered goods.
  • All required certificates and licenses confirming the quality characteristics of our products.

When you are planning to buy a drag conveyor and other agricultural machinery, please contact us on the official website zavodromax.com. All your questions will surely be answered by qualified specialists online or by phone.

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