Drag chain conveyors manufactured by ROMAX are used for horizontal and inclined (with elevation 15° and 30°) movement of bulk materials.
Capacity is from 5 to 1500 m3/h. They are designed and manufactured in industrial version to provide reliability and long-term operation period.

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1.  Drive section;
2.  Conveyor safety overflow  
3.  Outlet hopper;
4.  Motor bracket;
5.  Gear motor;
6.  Tension section
7.  Stringer;
8.  Tension bracket;
9.  Fixed bracket;

10. Tension post;
11. Conveyor horizontal section;
12. Conveyor slope section
13. Connecting plate;
14. Conveyor slope section  
      (angle of 150 and 300 degrees);
15. Gate of additional  
       discharge (option);
16.Chain with drags (fig. 1);
17. Stringer.

Polymer drags

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Using of polymer drags can increase reliability and long-term operation period of drag conveyors.

The drag design makes it possible to reduce grain damage considerably.

Chain feed conveyors (Type K3)

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 (Type K3)   are made of galvanized steel. They are used for grain seeds receiving from auto transport.

Feed conveyors are used for horizontal conveying of bulk materials in industry and agriculture, mainly for grain, legume and oil-producing crops.

Technical description

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