Mobile grain-cleaning complexes ALFA MGC

Alfa-mobile grain cleaning complex

Grain cleaning complex independently performs the following functions: it loads the grain heap (cereals, leguminous crops, sunflower seeds, etc.) that has arrived from the field into the grain intake compartment, cleans and discharges the grain already separated from impurities onto the motor vehicles or forms a new pile.

80 - 150 t/h

ALFA MGC is a specially designed grain cleaning machine on a wheeled chassis, equipped with a unique grain intake and discharge system.

  • Effectively performs preliminary cleaning of the incoming heap of grain, legumes, oilseeds from impurities.
  • Promptly processes the product coming in one heap from the field during the harvesting.
  • Simultaneously can serve up to 10 combine harvesters.

Mobile grain cleaner successfully operates with product with high humidity level and high content of impurities!


ALFA MGC benefits in comparison with other non-processing equipment

  • A uniform distribution of the product over the entire width of the screen conveyor is ensured by a beater. In flaw analogous equipment, a screw feeder is used, which provides an uneven loading of grain. As a result, one side of the machine is loaded more, which leads to distortions, reduced capacity and premature wear of the unit.
  • A screen conveyor made of high-quality steel with a cleaning brush ensures effective cleaning of grain from coarse impurities and prevents the product from sticking.
  • Also, an additional product divider is integrated in the machine, dividing the product flows, which ensures uniform supply to the aspiration suction channel. It prevents overloading of units, increases the quality of grain cleaning.
  • The modified cross-flow fan with increased efficiency ensures uniform air discharge over the entire width of the aspiration channel.
    This guarantees the highest quality of grain cleaning from light impurities.
  • The drive of the main working members of the machine is carried out by a reliable gear motor and an electric motor, which ensure the reliability and long-term operation of the machine. The advantages of the drives are their small size, lower energy consumption and the absence of belt drives that require constant adjustments due to slipping of the belts.
  • Durability and easy maintenance: the wheat cleaning machine can be installed and operated outdoors, because the casing is made of high quality galvanized steel, which provides maximum corrosion resistance and, as a consequence, a longer service life in any climatic zones. Bolted joints of the machine body, in comparison with welded ones, allow to get rid of distortions of the machine body during its transportation, installation and operation.
  • Easy maintenance — hard-to-reach places of the mobile grain cleaner are cleaned through additional hatches. A free access to the service units is also provided.
  • Multi-functional performance — the possibility of fine adjustment of the air flow for products with different impurity and humidity levels.





The main machine working members are: intake section, cleaning module, air-cleaning section and discharge section.
The working members are driven by gear motors and electric motors.
A grain heap, by means of the intaking conveyor 1 is fed to the machine 2, then it is uniformly distributed and fed by means of the flow control valve 3 on the screen conveyor 4.
Grain, light and fine impurities pass through it and coarse impurities (straw, etc.) are discharged outside the machine.
The grain material, passed through the screen conveyor, is divided in two flows and enters the aspiration suction channel 5. Passing through the aspiration channel, fine and light impurities are discharged outside the machine by a sweep auger 6.
Clean grain is fed onto trimmer 9 by means of the sweep auger 7 and drag conveyor 8. The trimmer loads clean grain onto the trucks through the pipe 10 or forms a new heap.

The technology of operation of Alfa MZK

Name Unit of measure Designation
Model - ALFA MGC 100 ALFA MGC 150
Capacity t/h 80 150
Machine weight kg 2300 2500
Installed machine power kW 16.05 24.75
Overall dimensions
Length mm 8 800 8 900
Width mm 2 110 2 110
Height mm 3 500 3 525


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