Multifunctional screen grain-cleaning machine BETA, 60-240 t/h

BETA is a multi-functional screen grain-cleaning machine, used for cleaning of grain, legumes and oil-producing crops.

  • The embodiment of the best Danish developments, modified according to the requirements of the domestic consumers and new technologies.
  • Convenient mechanism for switching to different operating modes of screens in a multi-functional design.
  • Distribution of the product evenly over the entire width of the screen.
  • Excellent aspiration at the inlet and optionally at the outlet.
  • Ability to work with all grain crops.
  • The vibrating sieves are made of galvanized steel, characterized by high quality and wear resistant properties (suitable for food).
  • The screens are cleaned with special rubber balls.
  • The feed rate is adjusted with a slight movement of the hand.

BETA - is a new generation grain cleaning machine!

  1. A wide range of options for perforating screens of our own production, cell sizes of the screens are adjusted for product features.
  2. Operating factor of screens is 98%.
  3. An ability to install the machine at the output of Aspiration unit GAMMA.
  4. Metal sieve boxes, unlike plywood sieve boxes, provide long-term operation of machines and easy replacement of screens (there is no swelling).
  5. The durability of the machine due to the simplicity of design and drive.
  6. Lack of product drifts and parasitic gatherings.
  7. The ability to output bins to any of the sides.
  8. Low power consumption.
  9. The ability to adjust the operation of the machine screens in a multi-functional design, depending on the entering impurities.
  10. Maintainability (any elements of the machine are purchased at the factory, installed at no extra cost).




Name Unit Designation
Brand   BETA 60 BETA 120 BETA 180 BETA 240
type A type B type A type B type A type B type A type B
Performance capacity
Industrial cleaning t/h up to 60 up to 120 up to 180 up to 240
Industrial cleaning t/h up to 60 up to 120 up to 180 up to 240
Seed cleaning t/h up to 6 up to 12 up to 18 up to 24
Total area of screens
m2 6 12 18 24
Machine weight kg 1900/2200 3900/4200 4250/4800 5050/5500

Installed power requirement
(excluding aspiration system)

kW  3  5,5 8,25  8,6 
Dimensions L/W/H
BETA INDUSTRIAL TYPE m 3,7/2,2/2,7 4,5/2,2/2,7 3,7/2,2/3,3 4,5/2,2/3,3 4/2,2/4,5 5/2,2/4,5 4,2/2,2/5 5/2,2/5
BETA MULTI-FUNCTIONAL m 4/2,2/2,9 4,8/2,2/2,9 4/2,2/3,5 4,8/2,2/3,5 4,9/2,2/4,5 5,7/2,2/4,5 4,9/2,2/5 5,7/2,2/5


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