Grain pipes, gravity-flow equipment

Grain is a widely-spread product, the demand for which is steadily increasing. However, cereals collected from the fields do not immediately gets to the storage complex or directly on the dinner table of consumers. First of all, the grain is processed by means of specialized equipment. ROMAX Ltd. offers consumers to buy a grain pipeline in Voronezh at favorable prices.

About the plant-manufacturer

Our plant is a group of companies that achieve the goal of a deep study of the needs of the agricultural market in the matter of mechanization of grain processing. Based on the results of research, we manufacture grain processing and storage equipment for plant raw materials, that fully comply with high quality standards.

The projects designed by the ROMAX plant are in demand not only in the territory of the Russian Federation. They are no less successfully implemented in foreign markets. The manufactured equipment is equally in demand both by small farms and large enterprises of the agricultural industry.

Gravity-flow equipment in Voronezh, manufactured by the ROMAX plant

A grain pipe is a part of grain conveying complex designed to move bulk grain products, grain waste materials, and compound animal feedstuff. In accordance with the technological schemes of grain processing and storage complexes, the movement of materials in the system is carried out at the expense of its own weight. The transported cereals literally flow down the grain pipeline without additional impact.

Gravity flow grain pipe is made of steel, lined with high density low pressure polymer (HDPE) and polyurethane as a coating. Each product is usually designed and manufactured according to an individual project for a specific type of grain processing and storage complex.

Gravity flow pipes for grain are the easiest, fastest and the cheapest way to convey bulk products, based on the gravity properties of grain. With the help of such grain processing equipment, it is possible to significantly reduce the cost of raw materials. As a result, it allows to control the rise in prices for the ready-made goods. The prices for the grain processing complexes vary according to the design features and the total number of component parts of the complexes.

The gravity flow systems produced by the ROMAX plant are of high quality and reliability. The higher the efficiency of the special conveying equipment, the greater the volume of production available to the grain processing and storage complexes or units. This means that costs for every tons of grain crops are reduced.

The principles of our work

The aim of the ROMAX company is to increase the nutritional quality of grain, which can be achieved through the introduction of new technologies for its processing. After all, only modern high-technology solutions can reduce losses at the stage of grain processing and during its storage.

We are engaged in the process of design, manufacture and assembly of grain processing and storage systems. Trying to improve efficiency, first of all, we set ourselves the following tasks:

  • active development of production facilities;
  • use of new technological projects;
  • systematic updating of the product line of the manufactured equipment;
  • extension of the list of services provided, taking into account the needs of consumers.

It is impossible to develop and implement the latest technologies without serious financial investments. Therefore, we regularly invest large amounts of investments in the company in order to achieve the desired result. Due to this, our partners have the opportunity to buy grain pipelines (gravity flow grain pipes), which ensure the maximum efficiency of grain processing.

Why is it really profitable to cooperate with the ROMAX plant and purchase its products?

  • We guarantee our clients on-time and efficient service support.
  • We provide training on the operation of the manufactured equipment.
  • We confine ourselves to openness when concluding agreements.
  • The goods we manufacture have all the necessary certificates and licenses.

For the purchase of grain processing complexes, you can contact us on the official website Competent staff will be happy to consult you online or by phone.

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