Gravity-flow pipes (grain pipe)


What are the pipes of different length needed for?

During design process of the gravity-flow system, it becomes clear in what places it is inconvenient (or impossible) to connect its elements.

Pipes with different sizes just help to avoid such situations. They make it possible to put the junction of elements in the right place.

And what is more, when connecting the gravity-flow system with the next according to the technology unit, the oversized pipe is required, as a rule.

In other cases, the system is assembled from standard pipes with a length of 1250 mm and 2000 mm.


The size of grain pipes of gravity-flow system must fit into technology of the complex. They directly affect the performance capacity of all units.

Many years of experience allowed us to define basic sizes of the pipes and offer them to you!

Also, at your enterprise you can always replace old worn out pipes with the new ones, manufactured at our plant. We offer solutions that fit almost any technology previously integrated into the complex.


Flange? Clamping ring?

The gravity-flow equipment, manufactured at the ROMAX plant, comes complete with pipes with any type of connecting elements.


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