Grain processing and storage complex

In the ROMAX company you can buy a grain processing and storage complex. This is a stationary grain storage facility equipped with special machinery for processing of large amount of grain crops and with silos for short-term and long-term storage of grain. The product can be discharged to any transport facility (water, railway or road). All technological processes can be fully automated, which minimizes human errors and guarantees high product quality.

About company

The ROMAX plant is a leading manufacturer and supplier of high quality equipment for the agricultural sector of the Russian Federation and abroad. Here you will find and purchase the grain processing and storage complex of various configurations at favorable prices. The solutions for the construction of stationary storage facilities, presented in our catalogue, meet all existing international standards and safety regulations. A long-term warranty is provided for all equipment and all types of the provided works.

Our company designs and constructs grain processing and storage complexes with various storage volume. Powerful production capacities, a team of highly qualified design engineers, together with the usage of innovative technologies, allow us to construct complexes of any complexity degree. We offer effective technical solutions for business that make it possible to increase the profitability of companies in the agricultural sector. ROMAX Ltd. implements projects in all regions of Russian Federation, as well as in the countries abroad.

Grain storage complex

The production and sale of grain processing and storage complexes is one of the main direction of production at our plant. You can buy the following types of storage complexes from the ROMAX plant:

  • Stock grain processing and storage complexes — huge constructions that are used for long-term storage of wheat and any other types of crops. The storage capacity is up to 300 000 tons.
  • Port grain processing and storage complexes — large transshipment points, which can simultaneously store several types of grain, with a total storage capacity of up to 150 000 tons.
  • Line grain processing and storage complexes operate as buffer silos for storage of crop (up to 50 000 tons), which is subsequently transported to the facility of grain processing.
  • Industrial grain processing and storage complexes — silos of medium storage capacity (up to 25 000 tons), designed for storage of various grain crops.
  • Farm grain processing and storage complexes are relatively small grain storage facilities for farms. The storage capacity is up to 8 000 tons.

The standard configuration of the complex includes:

  • A weight-checking point.
  • The point of receiving of grain.
  • Conveyors for transportation of the grain products between all the points.
  • The point for preliminary, industrial and fine cleaning of grain from impurities.
  • Grain drying point.
  • The point of grain storage with cone-type or flat-bottom silos.
  • The point for automated unloading of grain on various types of vehicles.
  • The point of discharge of impurities.
  • Aspiration system and other equipment.

All processes at the modern grain processing and storage complex are fully mechanized, which ensures high safety of grain crops and allows to save on staff wages.

The way we work

ROMAX Ltd. is your reliable partner in the design and construction of innovative complexes for processing and storage of grain crops. In the ROMAX plant you will find high-precision mechanization equipment for the agro-industrial complex at factory prices.

Why is it profitable to contact us?

With a purchase of the grain processing and storage complex, manufactured by the ROMAX plant, you will receive the following:

  • high-technology equipment;
  • proper service works;
  • individual approach;
  • quality assurance;
  • meeting deadlines;
  • affordable prices.

If you need to buy to buy a grain processing and storage complex or get additional consultations, please contact our manager.

Grain processing and storage complex is an industrial complex for grain intake. It is equipped with special silos for grain storage. Receiving of grain can be carried out from any type of transport (auto, railway, sea), depending on the location.

Элеватор Ромакс Комплексное решение

The production facilities of the ROMAX plant and its product line allow to satisfy any request of the customer.

The ROMAX plant designs and implements the following projects:

  1. Farm grain processing and storage complexes with a storage capacity of up to 8 000 tons constitute a part of the technical base of a farm enterprise operating with grain crops and specializing on farm grain storage. The main purpose of using this equipment is to store crops harvested by the farmers from their own fields for the current year. Farm grain processing and storage complexes consist of various storage silos with a storage capacity of 500, 100 and 1500 tons in the amount from 3 to 6 pieces.
  2. Industrial grain processing and storage complexes with a storage capacity of up to 25 000 tons is designed to store various types of grain crops. Therefore, the complex consists of silo equipment with different storage capacity. To increase the efficiency of its operation, the complex is installed in the central part of agricultural enterprise at the intersection of highways.
  3. Line grain processing and storage complex with a storage capacity of up to 50 000 tones is used to store a large amount of grain crops, which will subsequently be redirected to the transfer and industrial complexes. A distinctive feature of line grain storage complexes is the possibility of long-term storage of grain.
  4. Port grain processing and storage complex with a storage capacity of up to 150 000 tons — is a complex designed to receive and store several types of grain crops, which will subsequently be shipped by means of sea transport.
  5. Stock grain processing and storage complex with a storage capacity of up to 300 000 tons are large complexes that are used for long-term storage of grain crops. The shelf life of the complex depends on the intended purpose, maximum 3–4 years. Such grain complexes are mostly used in the field of government reserves.

The advantages of mutual work with ROMAX Ltd. on your grain processing and storage complex creation are as follows:

  • The ROMAX plant manufactures 476 models of flat-bottom silos and 724 models of cone-type silos, 31 types of grain cleaning machinery, 14 types of grain drying units, 3348 types of conveyors.
  • We have our own engineering team.
  • There is a large staff of service specialists.
  • The ROMAX plant has a vast experience in the construction of grain processing and storage complexes.
  • We are responsible for the result.

A typical large grain processing and storage complex consists of the following points:

  1. weight-checking point, where the gross weight (transport + cargo) is determined.
  2. The receiving point is used for unloading of grain from the trucks and railway vehicles. It consists of a pass-through or non-pass-through intake pit.
  3. Conveyors for horizontal and vertical transportation of the product between the points.
  4. Point for preliminary, industrial and fine cleaning of cereals, legumes and oilseed crops.
  5. Grain drying point with one or two grain dryers and buffer hoppers for wet and dry grain.
  6. The point of grain storage with flat-bottom and cone-type silos. The storage bins are placed in one or several interrelated rows to store various grin crops.
  7. The point of shipment of grain on trucks and railway transport with shipping silos for dry and refined grain.
  8. The point of discharge of impurities to the trucks.
  9. Aspiration system.
  10. Gravity-flow equipment.
  11. Equipment which is required for industrial safety.
  12. Electrical equipment and automation of the complex with a temperature control system in the grain storage area, control cabinets, frequency control drive, sensors, electrical cable units, and a lighting system.
  13. Metal structures that make up bucket elevator towers and catwalks, located above the storage silos.

Benefits of modern grain processing and storage complex in comparison with a common floor grain storage:

  • All processes with grain are fully mechanized, which minimizes the factor of human error.
  • Minimum labor efforts ensure the safety of grain.
  • Better isolation of grain from the outside environment, rodents and insects.
  • Small area for installation of grain storage silos.
  • Minimal loss of grain due to the automated control over the state of temperature and active aeration of the product within the silos.
  • The service life of the silos is significantly longer than that of grain storage barns (grain sheds), and the operating costs are lower.


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