Grain processing and storage equipment

Are we aware of the problem of choices that farmers face after the harvest period? Of course! It is difficult enough to make the right choice: sale or grain storage? With ROMAX you do not have to choose! The company offers a full range of grain processing and storage equipment, including more than 3000 models.

Элеваторное оборудование Комплекс

Cone-type silos

Cone-type silos are designed for operational storage of grain and its following shipment. A characteristic feature of the silo is the presence of a lower metal discharge cone with an angle of inclination to the horizon 45°, 60°, 65°. The configuration of the silo at the client`s choice may include:

  • maximum level indicator for the bulk material
  • assembly screws
  • silo body and roof inspection door
  • ladder on the silo body and silo roof
  • set of equipment and anchor bolts
  • active aeration system
  • temperature control system with sensors
  • silo roof
  • roof frame made of prefabricated galvanized rafters
  • silo body made of galvanized profile sheets
  • W-shaped fittings
  • sealing cord and polyurethane foam

Flat-bottom silos

Flat-bottom silos are designed for long-term grain storage. High-strength steel grade S350 with a zinc coating thickness of up to 600 g/m² is used. The silos are made of corrugated, galvanized steel sheets with galvanized external stiffeners.

 Standard component parts of the silo are the following:

  • silo roof
  • roof inspection door
  • ladder from the roof inspection door to the top of the roof with a safety fence
  • silo walls
  • service platform for access to the maintenance door on the silo wall on its second level
  • service platform for maintenance of the roof inspection door
  • ladder outside the silo from the floor to the maintenance door
  • ladder inside of the silo from the maintenance door to the floor
  • eave between the silo cylinder and the roof to prevent from water and snow ingress
  • top level sensor of membranous type
  • bottom level sensor of membranous type
  • bolt joints: level of resistance — 8.8, galvanized

Bucket elevators

Bucket elevators manufactured by ROMAX Ltd. are designed for vertical transportation of grain. Capacity — from 5 to 1000 t/h. The bucket elevator configuration is self-supporting, the linear transport speed does not exceed 2.5 meters per second. 

A characteristic feature is the prefabricated galvanized structure.

Standard component parts of the silo are the following:

  • speed sensor, belt misalignment detector, safety switch of grain overflow control
  • gear motor
  • metal or polymer buckets
  • bearing units from leading European manufacturers
  • bucket elevator head
  • bucket elevator grain pipes
  • guard-reverse
  • explosion valve
  • bucket elevator belt with a breaking tension 200 kN/cm

Accessory equipment

The ROMAX plant manufactures a full range of accessory equipment required for grain transportation in the grain processing and storage complexes.

Gravity-flow system:

  • gravity-flow pipes (grain pipes)
  • flange connection
  • clamping ring connection
  • stilling device
  • gate valves
  • manually and electrically operated gave valves under the silo

Metal structures

For the implementation of projects, ROMAX Ltd. company produces a wide range of metal structures required for grain processing and storage complexes. The following equipment are included:

  • catwalk supports
  • loading ramp for the trucks and railway vehicles
  • elevator towers
  • lifting supports
  • catwalks over the silos

All metal structures are prefabricated and made of galvanized high-strength steel S350 with a zinc coating thickness 450 g/m2.


The conveyor capacity is up to 1000 tons per hour. Drag and belt conveyors manufactured by ROMAX Ltd. are used for horizontal transportation of grain with an angle of inclination to the horizon no more than 30 degrees. Belt conveyors are produced in open and closed design.

Chain conveyors are made of galvanized steel. Standard component parts of the conveyor are the following:

  • drive section with inlet and outlet hopper
  • bearing units produced by the leading European manufacturers
  • carrier roller chain with bent back side scrapers
  • polymer plates made of PE HD (HDPE) up to 10 mm thick
  • high molecular weight polyethylene lining
  • support rollers and plates
  • gear motors

The ROMAX plant will provide you with high-quality equipment for conveying and storage of agricultural crops. The plant offers advanced grain processing and storage equipment in Voronezh with delivery abroad.

Our benefits

  1. The plant has a powerful base for solving large-scale tasks: our production facilities allow to annually produce up to 2 000 units of material handling equipment of the original configuration, up to 1 000 units of grain cleaning equipment, and up to 1 000 000 tons of silo storage of grain.
  2. ROMAX Ltd. systematically invests in innovations — our assembling lines are one of the most modern in Russia, but we do not stop there, we are constantly upgrading them.
  3. Maximum attention is paid to design — the design service includes 25 highly qualified engineers who develop, improve, and implement relevant optimization solutions.
  4. We focus on equipment assembly automation (which eliminates human error) and multi-stage quality control.
  5. We expand catalogue of our products, we have wide warehouse premises (8000 m²) and an extensive logistic network in order to supply the client with the necessary equipment at the right time.

Grain processing and storage equipment construction

As a direct manufacturer, we do not only theoretically withstand, but in fact we guarantee the CE Compliance of the equipment. Therefore, both individual units and complexes manufactured by the ROMAX plant, are competitive in comparison with both Russian and European counterparts. In addition, the current production, personnel and other capacities allow us to:

  • to fully equip an enterprise of any scale;
  • implement turnkey solutions — from the development of an individual project of a grain processing and storage complex to equipment delivery to the site with the help of partners, its installation and commissioning.
  • to reconstruct equipment with import substitution, which means, to install our own products instead of worn-out functional units.

Today we produce: belt conveyors, bucket elevators, drag conveyors, chain conveyors and gravity flow conveyors of various capacity (up to 2500 t/h), cone-type and flat-bottom silo, agrarian, universal, mobile high-efficiency grain cleaning machines (from 20 to 400 t/h), equipment for drying and storage of grains and oilseeds. We are always open for non-standard orders.

The way we manufacture

The ROMAX plant is considered to be a responsible manufacturer of grain processing and storage equipment aimed at convenient cooperation. We offer a three-stage cooperation scheme — as simple, clear and transparent as it is possible:

  1. Contact — you contact us by phone, e-mail, filling the online application form on the website, we consult you, draw up and conclude a contract.
  2. Manufacture — we manufacture equipment according to a standard or individual project, controlling the quality at every stage and ensuring compliance with European standards and conditions of your individual case.
  3. Order shipment — the client receives the manufactured unit of equipment or complex as it has been agreed before (either the client picks up it by himself, or ROMAX delivers it to the site, at any address on the map).

We are always ready to discuss any specific conditions of your order — just contact us by phone or e-mail.

Why is it beneficial to contact us?

  • At the ROMAX plant you may order grain cleaning equipment, grain material handling conveyors and silo storage equipment at the manufacturer’s price.
  • The ROMAX plant provides the client with a wide list of universal, certified and advanced specialized equipment, the work of which is praised exclusively in a positive way.
  • The client also gets guarantees for the period of one year and related services such as consultations, delivery, installation, commissioning (for individual catalogue items).
  • ROMAX ltd. represents itself as a stable and reliable partner, focused on long-term business relationships and prospects, open to meet any individual needs of the client.

Feel free to contact us, the ROMAX plant is always ready to be your best supplier of high-quality equipment for storage and conveying of grain.

Choose, order steel silos for grain storage, bucket elevators, grain cleaning machines for preliminary cleaning, grain drying complexes, use them for a long time and at a profit — we are aimed at mutually beneficial cooperation.

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