Grain storage systems

The present-day requirements for farming impose new working conditions. All over the world, modernization and reconstruction of complexes designed for storage and cleaning of grain is being actively carried out. Due to many factors (price, construction time, etc.), grain storage silos are the most popular and demanded among the entire selection of complexes developed for these purposes.

How to choose the right equipment among the various models with similar design?

Системы хранения зерна СХЗ

When choosing grain storage silos, it is necessary to take into account a huge number of factors that will affect both the price and the quality of product storage. The ROMAX plant has been on the market for more than 14 years. We know for sure what the modern farmer, a commodity producer, needs. We can design and construct the grain storage complex for any necessary task.

All our complexes have all the necessary package of documents: SNiP (Construction Standards and Regulations), VNTP (Departmental process design norms), PB (Fire Safety), etc., which are required for construction.

Great experience allows us to design and manufacture storage silos taking into consideration all possible external factors that influence the structure. Equipment manufactured by the ROMAX plant is resistant to heavy precipitation (snow, rain), wind or seismic climatic changes. That is not subject to deformation and can be used in any region of any country.

One of the main factor of bulk silo quality is the parameters of the metal it is manufactured of. Our supplier provides our plant with high quality graded steel. It is carefully cut and bent on special equipment so that corrosion does not appear on your silos during operation. All component parts of the silo are manufactured by means of high-quality, modern equipment, which excludes human errors.

Also, the automation of working process significantly increases its speed and accuracy.

The vertical load that the silo exerts on the base is born by the profiled stiffeners. The stiffeners are equipped with robust, bolt-on connecting strips with a large cross-section. These elements are extremely important throughout the entire structure.

For stiffeners and walls manufacture, galvanized steel is used. The thickness of the steel sheet, depending on the application, ranges from 0,8 to 6 mm.

For silo assembly, high-strength galvanized hardware is used. The joints are sealed with high-quality imported sealant.

Silo roofs, manufactured by the ROMAX plant, are strength structures with a standard slope of 30 degrees. This feature provides maximum storage volume even with a large natural slope.

  • Roof sheets are made of high strength steel. Their ribbed structure provides a high level of strength. Sheets are manufactured by means of high-precision automatic equipment.
  • Roof inspection hatch for access to the silo is a typical part of the kit.
  • Steel of the structure is galvanized from the inside. The maximum load is 15 000 kg.
  • The stiffness of the silos during its installation and operation is ensured by the cross galvanized beams of the structure, connected and fastened at the sides.

All silo models are equipped with temperature control system of the grain.

Numerous thermal suspension cables for temperature reading sensors are included in silo configuration as standard.

Grain storage systems are very important for the agricultural sector. Neither farmers nor large agricultural enterprises can manage without them. The ROMAX plant will help you with the design and construction of grain processing and storage complexes.

About us

During the work of our company, we have adopted the experience of the leading European partners and adapted it for the conditions of our country.

We work both with private individual entities, for example, with farmers, and with large enterprises. Both small business owners and large-scale business leaders receive individual projects created according to their needs, criteria and objectives. We build trusting relationships with all clients as it allows us to solve any set goals.

We manufacture grain processing and storage equipment: grain processing and storage complexes, grain cleaning equipment, bucket elevators and conveyors of various types, silos for grain storage, grain dryers and other agricultural machinery using the most modern production technologies. High-technology automated and robotic production lines and professionals who manage to operate them, as well as partnerships, that the ROMAX plant has with other large companies in Russia, Europe and Asia allow to implement such a scale of work.

Our production facilities annually manufacture up to 1 000 units of grain cleaning machines, up to 1 000 000 tons of silo grain storage, up to 2 000 units of grain conveying equipment and metal structures. Our warehouse premises occupy an area of 8 000 m². That allows us to store both component parts of equipment and already manufactured goods, comply with flexible terms of the products shipment and complete it as soon as it is possible.

Grain storage systems

We manufacture goods, using high-strength materials that can withstand sudden changes in temperature, weather and other adverse factors. The products will be reliably protected for many years. We can design an individual project for you.

The preparation of the ready-to-install construction will not take so long time, but it will ensure the safety of your product. By agreement, we will undertake the entire range of installation and commissioning works to guarantee its reliability and safety. Among the advantages of our grain storage systems, it is worth to point out the following:

    • The proper conditions of grain storage.
    • Increased storage volume up to 24 458 m³.
    • Fast return on investment.

The way we work

The ROMAX plant is the leading manufacturer of grain processing and storage equipment in Russia and abroad. Broad experience, production capacity and cooperation with reliable partners allow us to offer our customers favorable conditions when purchasing equipment. But before installing the equipment on site, it will be thoroughly checked for compliance with requirements and safety standards, therefore we guarantee the absence of defects.

You can make sure of the high quality of our grain storage systems by contacting one of dozens of satisfied customers. In our turn, we will offer you low prices and special conditions that will make our partnership us as profitable as possible for you.

Why is it preferable to cooperate with us?

Among all the advantages of the ROMAX plant, special attention should be paid to a wide model range of the products, manufacture according to the special needs of the agro-industrial complex. There are other benefits too:

  • The entire process of designing of grain storage systems is automated, which eliminates the human errors. We have invested a large amount of capital in high-technology equipment in order to improve the quality of the goods manufacture.
  • The plant has its own design-engineering department, which regularly updates and modernizes products in order to improve their performance characteristics.
  • Strong partnership with suppliers and dealers provides the most favorable conditions.
  • Our products are warranted for a period of 12 months. During this warranty period, you can solve any problem you have with equipment free of charge.

To make sure that cooperation with us will become efficient and comfortable, contact the specialists of the ROMAX company right now. You will get a consultation on emerging questions and a personal offer that will help you to solve any set tasks.

To buy grain storage systems in Russia or abroad, you may contact the employees by calling the sales department +7 473 722-79-94 or via the feedback form on our website.

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