About company

ROMAX plant is a group of companies, the aim of which is analysis of agricultural market demands in the field of post-harvesting mechanization, manufacture of equipment for grain storage complexes and complexes for plant materials processing, provision of potential consumers of products with high-quality engineering.

The history of ROMAX plant is connected with early activity in the field of facilities implementation for post-harvesting and plant materials processing using the experience of European partners.

The company carries out projects in all agricultural regions of Russia, as well as in foreign markets.

The products are popular with both peasant farm enterprises and large enterprises. Therefore only a few enterprises manage without popular grain pre-cleaning machine ALFA. Thus, the machines for preliminary and seed cleaning BETA have driven out the machines of well-known brands and become irreplaceable.

For agricultural equipment manufacture the latest technologies with high accuracy and production rates are applied, that gives advantage in terms and efficiency of projects implementation. High quality of conveying equipment and silos of ROMAX plant brings products to the level of industrial solutions and competes with global brands not only in Russia, but also in Europe, Asia and the Middle East.

In the period of livestock sector growth in Russia ROMAX plant in cooperation with partners participates in projects on implementation of complexes of plant materials deep processing. Production of amino acids, starch, glutens and other products of deep processing guarantees agro-industrial complex to withdraw from commodity category to the level of modern self-sufficient business areas.

The motto of the company “Cutting-edge technology. Quality and Reliability” is established as ours and is confirmed by multiple favorable reviews and popularity of our services.

Manufacture and storage facilities

Domestic market has its own demands and for comfortable working conditions meeting with the plant unprecedented solutions regarding European traditions of manufacture, were applied. Unique high-accurate and highly-efficient machines are located on the area of about 20 000 m² which makes plant the largest one in Europe. Storage facilities on the area of about 25 000 m² offer the possibility to the store component parts of equipment and finished products. This allows our Customers to have better manufacture time limits and flexible terms of products shipment.

Designing, construction and installation

At the beginning of 2019 ROMAX group of companies estimated a great number of sold equipment and facilities for storage of plant materials. If we re-count it to storage volumes for wheat, this number will constitute 3 000 000 tons. We have in possession small complexes, as well as industrial grain storage complexes and facilities on plant material deep processing. This experience makes possible to synchronize demands of our Customers with the help of production directions increase and related services. One of these directions can be considered engineering, and as a consequence, designing. Partnership organizations, included into ROMAX group of companies, fulfill scope of work necessary for facility implementation. Should there be a desire from the part of the Customer to carry out these works by himself, he can count on support from the manufacturer.


About 2000 tons of metal are processed at the plant every month. The main volume is the products meant for agricultural sector. Besides, ROMAX plant carries out orders of enterprises from such business areas as petroleum chemistry, civil and industrial construction, etc. Equipment stock for metalworking includes different machines for metal cutting, metal goods bending, rolling trains, welding areas and many other things which allow performing the whole cycle of operations at one place. At every stage products are exposed to firm visual and dimensional inspection. Our Customers are sure of metal structures reliability. Raw material that the plant uses is also exposed to thorough analysis at input and check at different stages of production processes. Indirectly, the quality of products is confirmed by the fact that the Customers receive guarantee of up to two years for several products and types of equipment.


The Company’s staff includes required number of service workers who specialize in different fields: mechanics, electrical engineering, automation. Since 2018 service department employees have been certified specialists on work with equipment for dryers manufactured by Teckflame. ROMAX plant is the main exclusive distributor of gearboxes produced by Guomao. Above-mentioned means that necessary volume of component parts and fabricated assemblies not only for production orders but also for service maintenance are always available at the warehouse of the plant.

Service life of the equipment both separately and as a part of grain storage complexes, depends not only on its manufacturing quality, but also on design, installation and selection of experienced operators. Service technicians carry out work on supervision and commissioning of the equipment manufactured by ROMAX or component parts of other manufacturers whose partners we are. Bringing into operating conditions and final facility commissioning also take place under supervision of plant’s production engineers. ROMAX plant is interested in maintaining the enterprise’s position, manufacturing products of the highest quality and therefore it is in the traditions of the enterprise to carry out unscheduled inspection of operated equipment with the aim of control over the correctness of installation and operation, and in case of necessity, service technicians give comments and recommendations to the Customer which can positively influence on the work of his enterprise.