Warranty and payment

Terms of payment:

  • The first payment 50% of the total contract value is payed after the signing of the Contract.
  • The second payment 50% is paid in the moment of readiness of the Goods for the shipment (within 3 days).

Warranty of the manufacturer

The warranty period is 12 months from the date of delivery of the goods to the customer. Individual terms of contract are the subject of negotiations between the parties when concluding the contract. Warranty obligations are valid till the consumer observes all conditions and rules of the goods operation. The warranty does not cover worn-out parts of the equipment unit (rubber products, bearings, mill suspensions, drive belts, pulleys, seals, silo surfaces), as well as parts that fail due to wear caused by intensive use. Warranty obligations do not apply to the goods in the following cases:

  • in case of product modifications that have not been agreed with the manufacturer;
  • if the damage is caused by force majeure, accidents, deliberate or careless actions of the consumer or third parties;
  • if you notice damage caused by the ingress of foreign objects, substances or liquids into the product;
  • if the damage is caused by non-compliance with the parameters of power cable networks and other similar external factors;
  • in case of the presence of mechanical, chemical, thermal and electrical damage;
  • if the rules and conditions of operation, storage and transportation of the goods have been violated.

Eligibility for warranty repairs means strict adherence to the installation, operation and maintenance instructions contained in the manual of the supplied equipment and is void if it is modified or tampered with. At the end of the product warranty period, the customer is advised to enter into a post-warranty service agreement with the supplier.

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