The construction of the first stage of storage silos was completed

11 June 2016

With total volume of 21 734 cubic meters

On June 11, 2016 the construction of the first phase of storage silos with total volume of 21 734 cubic meters (2×10 867 m3) at «Kristall» site included into «YuVAG» group LLC was completed.

кристал 1 очередь 3.jpg

Deputy General Director of «Kristall» LLC, Pyatakhin Sergey Viktorovich, Technical Director of «Kristall» LLC, Vanyavkin Denis Nikolaevich and Deputy General Director of «ROMAX» Ltd., Safronov Maxim Alexandrovich participated in the solemn commissioning ceremony..


Traditionally breaking the bottle of champagne, Maxim Alexandrovich mentioned fruitfulness of cooperation at the first phase of the project implementation.

кристал 1 очередь 4.jpg

The work on implementation of the second phase of the project implementation has begun. Storage silos with total volume of 21 734 cubic meters (2×10 867 m3) will be put in commission in September this year..

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