Bucket elevator

Design-engineering department of the ROMAX plant and our western partners have developed a range of bucket elevators for use both in the agro-industrial sector and in other areas of material processing (food industry, mining and processing plants, etc.). We offer bucket elevators with their own support metal structure (free-standing) and bucket elevators without supporting metal structures, which are intended for installation in elevator towers.

from 5 to 600 t/h

The issue of processing and proper storage of grain in the agricultural business remains urgent. Only the presence of high-technology modern equipment at the enterprise can guarantee the stability and financial well-being of the business. The manufacturer of grain processing complexes “ROMAX Plant” takes into account consumer needs and offers only high quality reliable equipment. You can buy bucket elevator with a delivery to your production facility on the website zavodromax.com.



The capacity of bucket elevators for grain is from 5 to 600 t/h.

The standard model range of equipment comes complete with high-quality materials and units. We are the only company on the territory of the Russian Federation which uses the buckets and belts produced by a French manufacturer STIF.

Cylindric-conical gear motors with parallel shafts manufactured by such companies as Bonfiglioli, Nord and Guomao with a service factor from 2,5 to 5, are used in bucket elevators, manufactured by the ROMAX plant, which puts our bucket elevators in the range of industrial and hard-type versions.

The main idea is to provide the user with reliable equipment and to guarantee its high-quality technical indicators (output, energy consumption, etc.).

Bucket elevator component parts:

1. Elevator head
2. Gear motor
3. Outlet
4. Shaft
5. Elevator boot
6. Inlet hopper

7. Tensioning mechanism
8. Buckets
9. Belt
10. Clean-out door
11. Inspection hatch
12. Explosion relief


Elevator head

  • It is made of galvanized steel. The top cover of the bucket elevator head is lined with a 10 mm thick polymer plate, which increases the service life of the unit and reduces a product damage.
  • An adjustable plate (1) between the bucket and outlet section makes it possible to prevent the product from spilling back to the shaft.
  • The explosion relief panel (2) is mounted on the top of elevator head. 
  • Optionally, for units with high capacity (above 350 tons per hour), the drum with rubber protective covering (3) is provided.


  • It is made of galvanized steel. It is supplied disassembled to provide more space during the shipment of equipment to the installation site.
  • The units can be assembled fast and without special tools due to the high quality manufacturing of the parts. It ensures absence of error in the design process of connecting holes and mounting seats.
  • Explosion relief panels (2) and special inspection windows (1) are installed in the shafts during installation. That is included in the complete set of the unit.

Elevator boot

  • It is made of galvanized steel. It comes complete with a hollow drum (1) with a belt tensioning mechanism (2) and inlet bin (3), lined with a 10 mm thick polymer plate. There are slide gates (4) on both sides of the boot lower part for convenient cleaning of the unit.
  • It can be optionally supplied with a drum with rubber protective covering (5) for bucket elevators with high capacity, additional inlet bin (6) and inspection windows (7).

Technical specification

TYPE A B C D E F G H I J K L M Capacity, t/h
E80 130 600 ∅30 ∅40 135 428 500 - 440 ∅160 220 130 220 5–15
E130 190 190 ∅30 ∅40 175 643 750 - 750 ∅315 300 160 300 20–40
E180 260 220 ∅30 ∅50 280 770 1008 - 900 ∅385 380 200 385 40–80
E280 365 250 ∅50 ∅70 350 954 1206 - 1200 ∅500 550 250 580 80–150
E320 365 300 ∅50 ∅70 350 1054 1206 - 1200 ∅500 500 300 580 150–200
E370 500 340 ∅60 ∅100 420 1250 1420 - 1540 ∅630 650 300 700 160–350
E450 600 325 ∅60 ∅100 500 1250 1450 - 1400 ∅630 670 400 700 350–450
E740 950 350 ∅70 ∅110 680 1470 1750 - 1650 ∅800 690 500 850 500–750

About company

Our company has rich experience in cooperation with European partners. These mutually beneficial business relations have become a fundamental basis for improving manufacturing activities and producing high-quality equipment for grain processing in the territory of the Russian Federation.

For the manufacture of specialized grain processing systems, we use advanced high-precision technologies of high capacity. Thus, we strive to minimize the period of project implementation and provide high efficiency of the equipment. The quality characteristics of the equipment, produced by the ROMAX plant, allow us to compete with many well-known brands only in Russia, but also in Asia and Europe.

The service department of our company has only certified employees specializing in various fields of activity: electrician, mechanics, automation. The presence of the service department is necessary since the operational period of any equipment depends not only on the manufacturing quality, but also on the engineering design features, installation work, and maintenance. The specialists of the ROMAX plant carry out installation and commissioning of grain processing complexes. There is no need to worry about the smooth functioning of grain processing and storage equipment of the complexes.

Bucket elevator

Bucket elevator is a special unit for transportation of bulk grain products. The buckets are fixed on the vertical conveyor, which, when conveying, lift the grain up and dump it into the intake hopper of another unit or onto the conveyor belt.

Such bucket elevators differ from chain conveyors in higher structural strength, durability and capacity. Another difference that speaks in their favor is light weight, relatively small dimensions and low cost. Therefore, most farms prefer this variant, which is the most optimal.

The design-engineering department of our company has developed a model range of bucket elevators, the application area of which is not limited exclusively to the agricultural industry. They are also suitable for use in food, chemical and mining industries.

Our plant offers customers bucket elevators with a support structure (installed separately) and without it (supposed to be installed in elevator towers). Each model is completed with high quality materials and component parts. The prices for bucket elevators, manufactured by ROMAX plant, have an obvious advantage over the cost of the similar products, manufactured by competitive companies.

The way we work

The ROMAX plant, equipped with unique high-precision machines, is today the largest European enterprise in its sphere of activity. The production facility is 20 000 m². Another 8 000 square meters are occupied by warehouse premises.

At the beginning of 2019, the ROMAX company has sold an impressive amount of grain processing equipment and grain storage complexes. If you refer this to real grain volumes, you get more than 3 000 000 tons.

We cooperate not only with large companies, but also with small farms. So we manage to study in detail the needs of different segments of the agricultural industry in order to focus on them in our work, expanding the range of services provided. Improving the functionality of our agricultural machinery, we increase sales in Russia and in foreign markets.

Grain processing is a profitable but very difficult process, which we know perfectly well. It is possible to minimize losses and achieve high standards only with the help of high-technology equipment of the enterprise. Therefore, we provide our clients with effective modern equipment that contributes to the development of their activities.

Benefits of cooperation with the ROMAX company:

  • Working with us, you will enlist support of a reliable and honest partner.
  • You can count on on-time service.
  • Provision of a training program of special equipment operation.
  • You receive guarantees in the form of licenses and certificates for our products.

When planning the purchase of a grain bucket elevator and other specialized equipment for grain processing, please contact us on the website zavodromax.com online or by phone.

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