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A model range of grain cleaning machines ALFA is the own development of the ROMAX plant. It is in high demand among the owners of the farms and grain processing enterprises.

Grain cleaning machines ALFA 100 (as well as 50, 150, 200 t/h) are separators for preliminary cleaning of legumes, cereals and grain crops from impurities. This grain pre-cleaner of high capacity is distinguished by excellent technical and operational characteristics — it is easy to maintain, it has relatively low cost and it is designed to be operated in stationary production lines in any climatic zone of Russia and all over the world.


Preliminary cleaning
50 - 200 t/h

Description of grain cleaning machine ALFA (50, 100, 150, 200 t/h)

This is a highly-efficient agricultural unit, which is able to clean the grain heap from impurities quickly and to give out completely cleaned grain of commercial quality ready for further processing at the outlet.

The operation of the unit is based on the aerodynamic principle of separation of grain from impurities. The main machine working members are: gear motor and electric motor, cleaning module and air-cleaning section. The grain heap coming from the field is supplied to the storage bin through the grain pipes, after which it is distributed and sent to the screen conveyor. Impurities (ears, weeds and other residues) are retained and removed in the separator. Then the semi-refined product is divided into flows and passes to the aspiration channel. Light impurities are separated by means of the forced air and completely cleaned grain is discharged by gravity.

Design of grain cleaner ALFA was advanced in 2022. Now the following options are included in basic configuration of the machine:

  • Removable block of the screen conveyor.
  • Beater with an adjustable slide gate.
  • Level sensor.
  • Rotary valve.

Advantages of grain cleaning machines ALFA:

  • Easy maintenance of the machine - a removable screen conveyor unit allows to carry out the service maintenance in a matter of minutes.
  • Efficiency in case of any humidity level of grain– a rotary valve for light impurities prevents the product from sticking and it also ensures thorough discharge of impurities.
  • The presence of a beater that distributes the grain product across the entire width of the screen conveyor.
  • An additional product divider is integrated, which separates the flow of grain movement. It ensures a uniform product supply to the aspiration suction channel.
  • Modified cross-flow fan with increased efficiency ensures uniform air injection across the entire width of the aspiration channel. It provides high quality cleaning of grain from light impurities.
  • The drive of the main working members of the machine is carried out by a reliable gear motor and electric motor, which ensure the reliability and long-term operation of the cleaner.
  • The body of the grain cleaning machine is made of high quality galvanized steel, which provides maximum corrosion resistance and therefore a longer service life.
  • Multi-functional performance of wheat cleaner - the possibility of fine adjustment of the air flow for products with different impurity and humidity levels.

In addition to this, the body and all driving units of grain cleaning machine are made of high quality galvanized steel, which prevents product from sticking, provides an anti-corrosion effect and increases the service life of the machine in any climate. The machine has high capacity and a whole host of positive qualities. It has multi-functional performance, which means that this is possible to adjust the air flow for grain products with different impurity and humidity levels. Every farmer will be glad to have such an assistant in his farm. The machine body is made of high quality galvanized steel for maximum corrosion resistance and longer service life in any climate zone. Bolted units of the machine prevent deformation during its shipment, installation and operation.

Before the introduction of this grain pre-cleaner there were other models that could not boast of their flexible configuration and capacity.

But the main advantage is easy maintenance of the machine. It is very important after a hard working day to clean hard-to-reach places and prepare the machine for cleaning of other crops without any efforts.

Operation process

Технологический процесс Альфа 2022 1



Стрелки тех. процесс Альфа Product to be cleaned
Coarse impurities
Processed material
Light impurities
Air flow of the aspiration section

The component parts of the machine operate the following way:

The main working members of the machine are: cleaning module 5 and air cleaning section 3. The working members are driven by gear motor and electric motor. The grain heap enters the storage bin, complete with a beater and an adjustable slide gate of the product 1, where it is accumulated and uniformly distributed across the width of the screen conveyor 7 by means of the beater 4 in the entire model range of machinery. The cleaning module consists of the screen conveyor, a driving shaft 2 and driven shafts 6. The tension of the screen is carried out by moving of the driving shaft by means of tension bolts and is determined by the chain slack.
Grain, light and fine impurities pass through it and coarse impurities (straw, ears, etc.) are discharged from the machine by the screen conveyor 7.
The material, passed through the screen conveyor 7, is divided into two flows and enters the aspiration suction channel 8. Then the product passes through the blockage sensor 13, which is designed to turn off the machine when the outlet bin is clogged with grain. The closed air flow is produced by a built-in cross-flow fan 9. The air flow rate is regulated by a flap valve 10, located in the pressure channel 11. Light impurities are discharged from the machine by the rotary valve 12, equipped with a gear motor, and the cleaned grain is discharged by gravity flow 14.



Model ALFA
Capacity, t/h 50 100 150 200
Weight with a full set of working members, kg 980 1180 1250 1300
Power, kW 6,22 6,22 7,72 9,72

Overall dimensions with a storage bin (L/W/H), mm

2900*1795*3150 2900*1795*3350 3045*1795*3350 3045*1985*3350
Height with a storage bin, mm 3150 3350 3350 3350
Air output, m3/h 800-1200

About company

ROMAX plant is one of the leading companies in Russia which manufactures agricultural equipment. You can buy a grain cleaning machine ALFA at the manufacturer’s price. The equipment presented in our catalogue is certified and meets international quality and safety standards.

The way we work

For the production of grain cleaning equipment, we use our own developments, implemented on the basis of the modern technologies. Product samples are collected on the high-technology plant equipped with automated production lines, under the strict guidance of professional design engineers. It completely eliminates the human factor. High capacity and accuracy of equipment, manufactured by the ROMAX plant, can significantly increase the efficiency of farms and companies in the agricultural sector.

We provide a long-term warranty and high-quality post-warranty service for all equipment. Our company is constantly developing, introducing new technologies, expanding the range of services and product line.

Why is it profitable to contact ROMAX?

With a purchase of grain cleaning machine ALFA 100 as well as 50, 150, 200 t/h, manufactured by the ROMAX plant, you will receive:

  • personal approach;
  • long-term guarantee;
  • faultless provision of services;
  • manufacturer`s prices;
  • an interesting loyalty system for both regular and new customers.

If you have any questions, please contact our manager by phone or in another way convenient for you.

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