Storage silos

Grain storage silo is a new product designed to significantly simplify the solution of certain agricultural tasks. It helps to optimize internal costs, more efficiently use the available budget and efficiently organize grain storage space. Such kind of equipment meets international requirements and standards.

About company

The ROMAX plant is the largest manufacturer of grain processing and storage equipment. We have been on the market for a long time, during which we managed to win the love and respect of consumers, get loyal regular customers. The ROMAX plant offers a huge model range of grain storage bins for sale. The grain storage silos manufactured by ROMAX are made of high quality galvanized steel on automated lines, which greatly distinguishes them from garage counterparts.

Description of the silos

Main elements:

  • wall panels;
  • rafter systems;
  • roof;
  • steel stiffeners.

Everything is manufactured on automated cutting lines. This approach guarantees high performance of the equipment, as well as its relatively low cost.

The way we work

Grain storage silo prices are determined not only by the high quality of the raw materials used, but also by the specifics of our work. Before we ship any goods, we conduct the strict checks for compliance with the prescribed norms and standards. All component parts of the units are checked in order to quickly identify the defect and prevent it from reaching the customer.

This responsible approach helps us to constantly expand our base of regular customers and receive many complimentary reviews

Why is it profitable to contact ROMAX?

Today on the agricultural commodities market there are a huge number of factories and plants engaged in the production of grain cleaning equipment and equipment for silo storage. Why should the customer choose ROMAX out of all manufacturers existing on the market?

  • We manufacture conveying equipment with various capacity; we offer grain silos with impressive storage volume.
  • The production process is organized on high-tech production lines. It helps to reduce the human factor and avoid many failures during manufacture.
  • We guarantee the highest quality of product processing.
  • We provide cost-effectiveness — you get equipment with low energy consumption at its uninterrupted operation.

Remember: grain silo prices are fully justified by the quality of the silo tanks. If someone offers the silo production at a lower price in Voronezh - this is a reason to think, because high-quality grain storage equipment that will serve you for many years cannot be purchased cheaply. Value your time and money and cooperate only with trusted suppliers and manufacturers!

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